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ARK, the blockchain technology development ecosystem, has launched its latest core update which brings major updates to its Desktop Wallet. The upgraded wallet is now compatible with new transaction types including multi—payments, and multi-signatures. For user convenience, the wallet also now features a download and update option within the app plus much more.

New Features


Once updated to multisignature, when users initiate a transaction, they will not be prompted to enter a passphrase as a multisignature wallet requires the signing of the transaction from the participants of said multisignature wallet. Once enough signatures have been collected (minimum required signatures), transactions can be broadcast to the network.

ARK desktop blockchain wallet upgrade adds multisig and multipayments


Users can now send to up to 64 addresses in each transaction by using multi-payments, saving on transaction fees & time. Users can easily input addresses they wish to send to and include the amount in each field. Once finished, press next and sign the transfer.

ARK desktop blockchain wallet upgrade adds multisig and multipayments

Other Updates

  • Business registration — users can now register their business on the ARK Public Network. This is a mandatory step to register bridgechains on-chain as well.
  • Delegate resignation — Delegates who wish to resign from their position or want to retire their delegate (meaning voters won’t be able to vote for the resigned delegate anymore) have an easy option now.
  • IPFS hash storage — users can now also save IPFS compliant hashes on the ARK’s Public Network. By doing so, you can have an independent method of registering your IPFS data on the ARK Public Network.
  • Nonce support — with Core v2.6 depending on nonces (a preventative measure making it harder to replay transactions) ARK has made the Desktop Wallet compatible with that change as well. It auto-obtains the previous nonce from address and signs with a new nonce. This is relevant for all Core v2.6+ networks.
  • New Ledger transport logic — rewritten logic for communication between Ledger and Desktop Wallet based on all of the latest improvements in the Ledger and Desktop Wallet.
  • Delete plugin when no data stored — fixed the problem when no data was stored from a plugin and hiding the remove all data option if no data stored.
  • Limit delegate query to 100 and dynamic per page options — limiting delegate query to 100 and refactoring calculation per page options based on active delegates. Also fixed edge case for less than 25 active delegates.
  • Dependency updates — major dependency updates to the latest versions to keep up with the development of underlying technology.


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