BUTTON Wallet building new exchange solutions for Ziliqa (ZIL)

BUTTON Wallet, a messenger-based cryptocurrency solution for trading and buying digital assets, announced today its involvement in the LongHash Hatch and ZILHive Incubator, a joint 12-week incubation program that provides a full range of support for early-stage blockchain projects.

The BUTTON Wallet team is using the Incubator as an opportunity to further develop simpler, more secured platforms through which users can exchange ZIL token and make peer-to-peer payments.

“BUTTON Wallet is focused on white label solutions for Zilliqa (including t.me/zilliqawalletbot) based on a decentralized ecosystem of blockchain companies for B2B2C and to bringing users simplified ways of creating peer-to-peer transactions and defi solutions, and continues to seek new ways to deliver services via the digital wallet. Participating in the Incubator offers BUTTON Wallet the chance to increase the Zilliqa’s community within the BUTTON Wallet audience and propel mass adoption by leveraging the already-popular messenger infrastructure as a decentralized platform for simple payments.”
– Nick Kozlov, CTO at BUTTON Wallet

Incubator Program

The program includes mentoring, investor outreach, technical delivery, PR/marketing/community management, and modularized knowledge sharing to facilitate the development of a viable beta-version product that will be released shortly after the program ends. BUTTON Wallet, along with the four other participants, will present the latest iteration of their cryptocurrency and fiat transaction platform on December 11th, 2019, and will pitch to investors on November 25th-26th, 2019.

“BUTTON Wallet is using the Incubator as an opportunity to continue the move from a crypto wallet to messenger-based banking. In the next six-to-12 months, we will add more de-fi / exchange capabilities as we become a leader in the burgeoning messenger based banking industry that will likely surpass the mobile banking industry.”
– Alexandr Safonov, BUTTON Wallet CEO

Each project will be guaranteed non-dilutive grant funding of $20,000 USD upon completion of the incubation program. ZILHive is part of the Zilliqa Grant Ecosystem Program, a $5 million investment pool to support dApp development. ZILHive is a joint effort with LongHash, a global blockchain incubator supported by the government of Singapore.

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