gumi Cryptos joins Theta Network blockchain as enterprise validator node

Theta Network, a decentralized video streaming platform powered by blockchain technology, has announced that gumi Cryptos has joined as an enterprise validator node.

gumi Cryptos is the representative member of gumi Cryptos Capital, which is the blockchain/crypto venture fund launched by gumi Inc., a Japan-based publicly-traded mobile game publisher, and developer.


An important aspect of the Theta Network roadmap is decentralizing validator nodes — the core nodes of the Theta protocol that propose and produce new blocks in the Theta blockchain.

In addition to the nodes run by Theta Labs, earlier this year Blockchain Ventures also launched its own validator node on the Theta blockchain.

Adding gumi Cryptos Inc. as a validator node is an important step for further decentralization of the Theta protocol, both making the protocol less dependent on Theta Labs, and also on a technical level.

Validator nodes are directly responsible for producing new blocks that the Theta blockchain is built on, and if more than a third of them are corrupted or otherwise out of consensus, the blockchain cannot function properly.

“Welcome gumi Cryptos Inc. as an enterprise validator node on Theta Network! There are several more enterprise validators on the way, including a global 100 tech company that has already launched their validator node on Theta Network. We’ll share an update soon alongside their public announcement of their long-term strategic investment in blockchain technology.”
– The Theta Network Team

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