LocalEthereum P2P exchange re-brands to LocalCryptos to support bitcoin

LocalEthereum, a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace founded in 2017 for non-custodial trading of ETH, announced today a re-branding to LocalCryptos to support more crypto-assets, including bitcoin (BTC).

The platform will remain a one-stop-shop for fiat-to-crypto ramps worldwide, beginning with BTC and ETH. The biggest change, for now, is that users can exchange bitcoin (BTC) peer-to-peer on LocalCryptos. Bitcoin escrows on LocalCryptos use a non-custodial system with P2WSH addresses.

“LocalEthereum was the first peer-to-peer trading platform for Ethereum. Unlike its Bitcoin counterpart, it was private, non-custodial and featured end-to-end encrypted messages. LocalEthereum, and now LocalCryptos, serves more than 100,000 users worldwide. On a normal day, there are roughly 1,000 online users in 70 countries, and 200 completed trades.”
– The LocalCryptos Team

When trading on LocalCryptos, only users know their private key, no third party including LocalCryptos ever takes custody of user coins.

In the near future, LocalCryptos confirmed it will list some of the most popular Ethereum-based tokens, develop a new smart contract to handle ERC-20, and in the more distant future, add support for ERC-721.

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