Opolis launches decentralized employment organization with eBenefits Network

Opolis., a next-generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker built on Ethereum, announced today a new blockchain-based Decentralized Employment Organization (DEO) with eBenefits Network, an independent U.S. based network for employee benefits and related services.

Based on a trust-minimized protocol which integrates web2 and web3 technologies, eBN’s DEO will allow individuals to access portable, democratically chosen employment services and benefits in one ecosystem.

“We strongly believe that the aging and rigid Professional Employer Organization (PEO) platforms and models that serve employer groups are missing the changes in the workforce structures and leaving the growing base of independent contractors and gig-economy workers without a platform that is specifically built to fit their current work style.”
– eBenefits Network CEO Ash Rofail

Opolis’ soft launch is currently in progress with select freelancers, and will open DEO membership offerings to the public soon. The eBN DEO will be one of many from which workers will have to choose.

“Opolis is thrilled to be partnering with eBN to offer its DEO members access to enhanced products and services in a marketplace setting. eBN has been a respected company in the HR technology space for years, and Opolis looks forward to maximizing efforts to empower the future of self-sovereign workers together.”
– Opolis Founder and Executive Steward John Paller

What Will eBN’s DEO offer?

Members will have access to network benefits including:

  • Crypto or State-based Currency Payroll
  • Financial Automation
  • Work Multiple Jobs; Receive 1 Paycheck
  • Group Health Benefits
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA/FSA)
  • Self-Directed Retirement with Cryptocurrency Investment Options
  • Life Insurance
  • Short & Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Paid Time Off Accrual
  • Automated Saving and Investing
  • Universal Basic Income Integration
  • And More…

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